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Here you will find information about my therapy services and where you can find me.

Andreas Meyer
Osteopathic Therapist


My therapy services are:
Osteopathic Therapy (OT)
Manual Therapy (MT)
Head, face and jaw joint therapy (HFJT)
Physiotherapy (PT)


…and the combination of these as

Manual-Osteopathic Physio-Therapie – MOPT


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Member of Bundesverband selbstständiger
Physiotherapeuten - IFK e.V.  

Member of Verband Freier Osteopathen - VFO e.V.   


About me

The therapeutic work with people has become my professional fulfillment. After my technical training and the first years of my career at Telekom AG, I realized that I would like to deal more with people professionally. Over a year of internships in various social areas, I came to physiotherapy and completed my training at the age of 32.


Learning to understand the human body and to provide support and therapy in the event of disorders fascinated me so much that I have continued to educate myself further. This led to my development of Manual Osteopathic Physio Therapy , MOPT. The area in which one can work as a therapist is hardly manageable. I have derived my therapy focus from the conviction "LIFE IS MOVEMENT". The movement of all structures and tissues in our body such as nerves, muscles, fluids, organs down to every single cell is the prerequisite for all functions. When movement is disturbed anywhere in the body, illness or disease can result.


Therefore, for me, the goal of every therapy is to find movement disorders and to help my patients to eliminate them. My hands are at my disposal as tools for this.

Another principle in my therapy results from the motto "USE IT OR LOSE IT". For me this means that all functions of our body want to be used. This includes all movement characteristics such as strength, mobility, speed and coordination as well as apparently self-evident abilities such as breathing, swallowing, thinking, digesting and the functions of our sensory organs. If we do not use our physical and mental abilities, they can be impaired or even lost. In my therapy, I encourage my patients to become aware of their abilities, to improve them or even to regain them, and where it seems necessary, I offer therapeutic support.


Professional background


2017   Naturopath

            Heilpraktikerschule Lernkonzepte - Radolfzell/Stahringen

2014   Osteopathic Therapist

            Vollmer Akademie Konstanz

2008   Master of Physiotherapy (manipulative therapy)

            University of Otago / New Zealand

2004   Bachelor of Science of Physiotherapy

            Fachhochschule Osnabrück

2000   State approved physiotherapist

            Professor Grewe Schule

1987   Telecommunication tradesman at Telekom AG



Further qualifications / further training

2022 Further training: Advanced course Osteopathic - KVS - The Cardiovascular System


Further training: Osteopathic syntheses - lungs and breathing
2020 Completion of the  CRAFTA  special course for headaches, dizziness and visual disturbances in the CRAFTA concept (also for children)
2020 Completion of the CRAFTA  advanced courses in the CRAFTA concept
2019 Completion of the CRAFTA basic training in the CRAFTA concept


Further training: Advanced course on cranial nerves for craniosacral osteopathic therapy
2017 Advanced training: vestibular therapy and training


Further training in craniomandibular therapy (temporomandibular joint therapy) with Dorothea Prodinger-Glöckl

2010 Advanced training in foot reflexology therapy
2009 Reiki Grad I and II with Dieter Nutz - Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie
2009 Advanced training in the mulligan concept
2006 Manual Therapy Certificate
2004 Training Therapy Certificate
2000 Advanced training in sports physiotherapy
2000 Startup seminar personal training
1999 Advanced training in mobilization of the nervous system



If you have arranged your first appointment with me online, by email or by telephone, you can download my "MOPT admission form" fill ist out and bring it with you to your comming appointment. This gives me a quick overview of your current state of health as well as previous and accompanying illnesses.








The treatment prices are based either on the amount of time or on the therapy services.

Here are a few billing examples:


First appointment MOPT / Osteopathy about 60 minutes 84 €
Follow-up appointments MOPT / Osteopathy about 45 minutes 72 €
Manual therapy / CMD and others about 25 minutes 35 €
Foot Reflexology Therapy about 25 minutes 30 €


The services listed are private prices and are often reimbursed by private insurance, supplementary insurance and sometimes by health insurance companies. After consultation, the services can also be billed according to the Fee Schedule for Alternative Practitioners GebüH. I recommend that you ask your private insurance or health insurance company about the reimbursement options for the treatment before you start treatment.



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Cooperation Partner

Heilpraktikerpraxis Heller und Heilpraktikerschule Lernkonzepte in Radolfzell / Stahringen  -     -  Tel.: +49 (0) 7738 - 93 89 333 
Dieter Nutz - Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie, Diplom Sozialpädagoge (FH) in Radolfzell / Böhringen  -     -  Tel.: +49 (0) 7732 - 93 96 76 
Healthy training, feel good, relax and enjoy in fitwellPARK  -    -  Tel.: +49 (0) 7731 - 516 59 


Andreas Meyer

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